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Post 40th Reunion Survey

Please take just a minute to give us feedback and suggestions for reunions, whether you attended our 40th or not! Thanks

Note: Answers will NOT be seen by fellow classmates and are for the committee's use only.



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1)   Did you go to the reunion? If not, what were the PRINCIPAL REASONS for not attending?

2)   When is the optimal TIME OF YEAR for reunions?

you can be more specific, eg "the Saturday after Thanksgiving"
or "mid April" or "Homecoming weekend"
3)   What VENUES make for the best reunion experience?

Choose all that you like, and add a suggestion!
4)   How was the communication about the 40th reunion? How was your experience with the class website?

any feedback, good or bad is appreciated
5)   If you attended any of the reunion weekend, please give us any specific feedback, good or bad, on your experience with the events you attended.... what could be done to improve your experience next time?